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this is me.

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about me.

My name is Jane and I am a London based Graphic Designer helping small business owners and entrepreneurs build their brands.

Since I can remember myself I have always been a creative person, however, I didn't get to fully embrace my creative side until I accidentally landed a marketing & content creator role for a business in London.


I went from being a receptionist aspiring to become an Executive PA to stepping into the world of digital content creation & marketing. I haven't looked back since. 

When I'm not deeply buried in my creative projects, you can most likely find me at the gym, yoga class, rock climbing, reading a personal development book, on a hike, or doing something else that is most likely active. 

I enjoy trying out new things, seeing new places, and having an occasional nap.

Most importantly I love helping small business owners bring their vision and dreams to life with graphic design.

I believe that every entrepreneur and small business owner should be able to bring their vision to life online in a simple and aesthetically pleasing way.

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