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graphic design services


Bring your vision to life with graphic design.

Stand out amongst the noise with high-quality digital assets and social media graphics.

Social media graphics

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Branded documents

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Posters & 


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First impressions matter!

The way you present yourself and your business online matters.


The quality of your logo, brochures, images, the overall look of your website, and social media channels will often determine if the person will engage with your business or not. 

You can have the best product or service on the planet, but if the visuals don't represent that, it won't matter how great your business is.

Don't let bad design stand in the way of your growth.


Hanna Patapenka

It's been a pleasure to work with Jane. The Life Sciences industry is definitely not the simplest one to design, but Jane sponged every little detail while having the briefs with the team and gave us back a top-notch brand package that perfectly suits our business identity.


Valeria Iatan

Jane is a fantastic human to talk with AND work with! I told her from the get-go how I am and my communication style, and she jumped on my direct train and mirrored me during our collaboration. I highly recommend Jane, and you should book her fast because I have a feeling that soon she will be fully booked. 


Aaron Caister

Jane took a poor brief and my copy for the banner (I literally said use these words and I like red!) and ran with it. I would say she knocked it out of the park! Her natural design skill really shines through, as she's brave enough to leave things simple and not fill every space, and in my opinion, that's what works best.

graphic design services

ways i can help you.

Instagram templates

Custom, editable instagram posts, stories and highlight covers.


Digital-PDF format brochures that can be embedded into your website or email campaigns.

Welcome packs

Custom, editable welcome packs.

Workbooks & guides

Editable, branded workbooks & guides 

Branded documents

Branded invoices, contracts and other docments.

Logo design

Logo and color palette design.

Social media

Other social media graphics & templates.

graphic design services

I understand that everyone's business is different and requires varying solutions. This is why my graphic design services are tailored to you and your specific needs. 


Book a discovery call with me below so we can discuss what it is that you need!

Book a discovery call today!

Book a no-commitment 30-minute discovery call with me.

Let's discuss what it is that you might be after and we can go from there.

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