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podcast management services


& launch services.

Launching a podcast can be a real minefield,

trust me, I get it!

All you want to do is enjoy the fun side of podcasting and avoid all the nitty & gritty bits that come after you are done recording. Don't worry I got your back!

Podcast launch

Podcast management

Podcast hosting

Don't let the technical side of recording a podcast scare you from doing it!

Either you are looking to start a podcast or you already have one, but want to focus on content creation and growing your business I can help you...

podcast management services

ways i can help you.

Podcast launch support

Equipment advice. Hosting profile set-up for your podcast & launch strategy advice/ help.

Submitting your podcast to top platforms

Your podcast will be submitted to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and others.

Audio edits

Adding your intro, mid-roll & outro, noise reduction, removal of errors, long pauses etc. 

Show notes

In-depth show notes describing the episode content, guest background, inclusion of all relevant links.

ID3 tags

Adding relevant metadata to the episode - podcast name, episode title & description, artwork/ logo.

Add episodes to website

Adding each episode, show notes, and embedding podcast player to your website.

Website design

Podcast website design & launch.

Social media

Social media graphic design, management & support.

podcast management services

I understand that everyone's business is different and requires varying solutions. This is why my podcast management services are tailored to you and your specific needs.


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